Sunday, August 5, 2012

What do I buy on TpT?...and other things

I know, I know...I'm always promoting my own products.  Guilty!  So, I wanted to share some of my favorite TpT purchases that have me pumped for teaching ELA this year!
I have never been organized when it comes to preparing for a sub before the emergency!  My coworkers have kicked me out for throwing up trying to get plans ready for the day...yuck.  Anyway...The Sub Tub solves all of that.  I honestly don't have the time to put this all together now, so I bought this, filled it out, and BAM, I'm done!  Get your Sub Tub from One Extra Degree, one of my favorite sellers!
I love this Guided Reading Guru Guide!  It has everything I need to get started with guided reading.  I feel like I'm going to rock it!  Lesson Plan SOS has tons of good stuff and is always at the top of the sellers list!  Get your Guided Reading Guru packet!

I've read every page on this at least 3 times!  It is so helpful and I feel absolutely READY to get Reader's Workshop going.  She seriously thought of everything...another good one form Lesson Plan SOS!  Get your Rockin' Reading Workshop.  

I love this Writer's Workshop guide.  I haven't gotten this set up yet, but everything in it is perfect to set up writing targets.  This is One Extra Degree again...absolutely love it!  Get your Writer's Workshop!

I love the Writing Mini-Office.  It makes it so easy to get things set up for the students at the beginning of the year.  She has it in color, but I opted for black and white!  Get your Writing Mini-Office.

Words Galore was perfect for setting up my Word Work station.  I didn't really have any ideas and was short on time and this is perfect.  While there are some cheaper versions of this, I really like this one because it has the photos to remind the kiddos of what to do and comes in the perfect half page size as well as whole page.  This is One Extra Degree again...get your Words Galore Packet.

Here's my Currently for Oh Boy 4th Grade!

ALSO, Primary Pizzazz is having an amazing giveaway!  Make sure to stop by to see what she's giving away!
 Primary Pizzazz


  1. I didn't know they had an iPhone 5 yet!

    The Dalton Gang

  2. I'm off to my classroom tomorrow to decorate too. Good luck! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. You are so kind!! We are so happy you are Rockin' your Reader's Workshop!!!
    :) Melissa

  4. I noticed you got your Masters's from UTSA. Did you go the online route? I would like to hear from someone who has completed the program for pros and cons. By the way, I love your products and will be using them in my classroom this year. Thanks.

  5. Hi Sharon. I went to the classes for my Master's. I know some people prefer the ease of online courses, but I feel I got more out of it this way. I liked the C&I program. There were a lot of class options so I could target my course load to exactly what I wanted to improve on. It took 2 years, including one semester where I took 9 hours, worked full-time teaching, and completed my comps, but it was so worth it! I'd def. recommend the program!


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