Monday, September 24, 2012

Earth Science Interactive Notebook

Hi y'all!  Science notebooks need beefing up?  Too many boring notes?  Have a lot of hands-on activities, but need some more reflection opportunities?  Here are some ideas and pictures to use with Earth and Space Science!  These are cut, label, and paste activities and foldables that can be used and then reflected on by your students!
Nonrenewable vs. Renewable
Canyon and Delta Vocabulary Wrap-Ups 
Weathering, Erosion, Deposition Triangle Fold-Up 
Wind, Water, Waves, Ice Fold-Up
Water Cycle Cut, Label, and Paste

You can create your own or purchase what I have already created.  Above are some pictures from items included in my new product, Earth Science Interactive Notebook.  It includes 18 student sheets that will fit perfectly in their science notebooks.  
There are:
9 graphic organizers sized to fit journal pages (and eco friendly with 2 per page!). 
6 Fold-Up activities
3 Cut, Label, and Paste Activities
1 Writing Activity

Check it out at my TpT Store.  


  1. I just started doing interactive science notebooks last year. I loved them! So did the kids.

    I just love all your stuff, I would be beyond thrilled if you donated to a science giveaway I'm doing.

    If you want you can check out this post on the TPT forum.

    It would seriously make my day :-)

  2. Just found your blog and I love your Science Journal ideas! I am now following you and would love for you to drop by my blog when you get a chance!
    Patti :)
    A Series of 3rd Grade Events

  3. This looks awesome! And I love your blog design!! :)


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