Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sighs of Relief and End of Year Project

What a relief!  Testing is over and it's time to begin some of my favorite projects of the year.  I think as The Science Penguin, I have overloaded these kids with science all year...they definitely know their science!  We started projects this week!
My partner teacher came up with a great idea a few years ago to start something called Box City.  This is an integrated math/social studies project where students design and create their own homes and businesses out of old boxes and scrap materials.  This is our third (and hopefully best) year with this project. 

Social Studies: 
Students create a business plan for a business of their choice for the city.
We hold elections for city council and mayor and discuss what people hold these offices do.
We discuss and create city institutions within the community--usually a school, parks, offices, etc.

Students design blueprints for their buildings on graph paper and must follow those blueprints when creating their home and business.  
Students determine area and perimeter of their buildings.  
We use a coordinate grid to determine where the buildings will be placed on our cafeteria floor.
Each student completes a census of their house with people and pets, then students must use the data to calculate mean, median, mode, and range of various data.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any of my past pictures of the event, BUT after our parent night, I will post some photos.  
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