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Life Science Anchor Charts


It’s been a while since I posted some anchor charts, but I have been organizing my anchor chart posts and wanted to make a post just for life science. Photosynthesis We study how photosynthesis occurs on a larger scale. Ecosystems Ecosystems are made up of communities, which are made up of communities, which are made […]

Physical Science Anchor Charts


Here are a few more anchor charts for physical science from my science anchor charts series. Electricity Electrical Energy can be converted into light energy, sound energy, and heat energy. Constant Properties of Water The Boiling Point of water is 100 degrees Celsius and the Freezing and Melting Point are 0 degrees Celsius. Refraction Refraction […]

Science Process Skills Anchor Charts


I’m continuing my Science Anchor Charts Series with anchor charts dealing with science process skills. ICE: Ideas, Claims, Evidence Anchor Chart This can be used when integrating informational text with science experiments. Observations and Inferences Anchor Chart This chart gives simple definitions of each, an example, and appropriate sentence stems to use.  I like to […]

Earth Science Anchor Charts


Continuing my Science Anchor Charts Series, I have several new Earth Science charts for you. Retention of Water by Soil Anchor Chart Students so often have a hard time remembering what soil retaining water really means, even after experimenting with types of soil.  Get my Soil Stations Freebie to use along with this anchor chart. Fossil […]

Science Anchor Charts Series: Scientific Method


I’m starting a new series of blog posts devoted to science anchor charts.  I will post one or a few anchor charts that I love using for science.  I’m starting off with some anchor charts for the beginning of the school year. Variables Anchor Chart: Independent, Dependent, Controlled When starting experiments with your class, it […]