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Blog Huntin on Bloglovin

I want to welcome all of my new followers to The Science Penguin!  I operate 3 blogs, The Science Penguin, The Math Penguin, and Texas Teacher Round-up.


My main topics I post about on The Science Penguin are Interactive Science Notebooks, science anchor charts, science stations, and organization/decorating!
I was never a big fan of Google Reader (sorry!) and mainly used Facebook and Pinterest to find blogs. Now that I’m on Bloglovin, I find myself checking new posts a couple times a day!  You can easily “like” and “share” posts, preview the post before clicking on it, and see a large image from the post.  I think I’ll be on Bloglovin much more often now!

I am linking up with Laura Candler at Corkboard Connections. Make sure you stop by to find some of the BEST elementary blogs in Blogland! I’ll be on there after I finish this post looking for some awesome new blogs to follow.