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Classroom Management Solution: Lab Teams

Science Lab Team Roles-- Free Printables

The Problem? Student A: (grabs the tray of materials) “I’m going to pour the baking soda in the cup!” Student B: “STOOOOOOPPPPP!” Student C: “Ok. Student A can do that, then I’ll do the next thing.  What were the directions?” Student B: “I think the directions are under the tray.” Student C: (knocks tray over […]

Classroom Management Solution: You Need List


I read somewhere that being a teacher means repeating yourself.  I don’t know where I read that or if it’s true, but I know this: I don’t like repeating myself.  I make as many things in my classroom visual and written so I only have to go over it once.  Then, if someone has no […]

So Many Blog Series Posts


I’m really into writing blog series these days instead of just one measly post about something.  In order to keep those organized here are the links and types of series posts I have. Time to Teach Time to Teach is topic-based and written regularly with great teaching and activity ideas.  These posts include video links, […]