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Starting with Interactive Science Notebooks


Hey y’all!  I get lots of questions about starting notebooks.  Since I’m sitting at home trying to recover my wisdom teeth removal, I decided to take some pics and give you a few more ideas. The cover can be set up any way you like…it can be just a label or students can decorate the […]

Input…Output for your Science Notebooks

Science Notebook Output

While hands-on experiences in science are certainly important, we as teachers must remember to provide our students with time to reflect on their experiences.  I’ve posted before about science journaling {see my posts}, but I have been reflecting on my teaching and want to improve the type of output ideas my students form.  Input consists […]

So Many Blog Series Posts


I’m really into writing blog series these days instead of just one measly post about something.  In order to keep those organized here are the links and types of series posts I have. Time to Teach Time to Teach is topic-based and written regularly with great teaching and activity ideas.  These posts include video links, […]

Science Solutions {Making Small Groups}

In my Science Solutions series, I answer common questions I get from teachers. I get a lot of questions about how I make my small groups and station groups.  It is easy and isn’t easy all at the same time.  Once you’ve done it a few times, it goes pretty quickly.  I’m going to run […]

Science Solutions {Assessment}

Assessment in Science

In my Science Solutions series, I answer common questions I get from teachers. In the good, the bad, and the ugly of education, assessment is usually seen as “the ugly”.  In some ways, I agree with that, but we need to assess to check for understanding.  Grades have always been something I struggle with.  What […]